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Alex - missing 20 year old from Sherborn. 8/20

Mei-Lin - for the division in our country. 8/20

Art - still in pain. 8/13

Jen - looking for a job. 8/13

Denise - just a few weeks before the boys head to college. 8/13

Stacy's dad, George - very weak and in the hospital. 8/13

Anita's friend's niece - diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. 8/13

Bobby - suffered a stroke with polio complications. 8/13

Becky - fell again. 8/6

Peter's friends' son - in UMass Memorial Medical with broken leg. 8/6

John - diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. 8/6

Michael - students attending Ascend at MBC this week. 7/30

Jeff - interview tomorrow for a new job. 7/30

Becky - in rehab, following a fall.  Working on balance. 7/23

Anita - recovering at home from spinal surgery. 7/23

Dotty - great-grandson rushed to hospital in Worcester. 7/16


Updates and Praises

Becky - back to half days at work; able to get around her home okay at this time. 8/20

Chris - back from a long but safe drive home from the Outer Banks. 8/20

Connie - doing marvelously well after surgery. 8/13

Denise - those from the church who are helping with the pre-school. 8/13

Franceli - birthday. 8/13

Scott - birthday. 8/13

Anita - Quinn Rose born to her son Michael and his wife. 8/13

Rod - pastor's message last week. 8/6

Gert - recovering from facial injury; surgery not required. 8/6

Joan - back in Holliston. 7/30

Michael - had lunch with Ken D. in Charlotte past week. 7/30

Anita - doing well; still in pain. 7/30

Coleene - Marion got a new job. 7/30

Virginia - Harvey's 95th birthday. 7/30

Scott - Rose's 63rd birthday. 7/30

Rod - Gaither concert last Sunday in Worcester. 7/23

Tabitha - niece delivered a healthy baby girl. 7/16

Janice - praise that Richard survived his blood clot last year. 7/16

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