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Prayer List

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Ryan - that his hand would heal after surgery. 5/21

Carrie - last round of chemo before reassessment. 5/21

ICAP Conference in Wisconsin 5/21

Pre-School - staffing changes. 5/21

High school seniors - finals. 5/21

Amris - still hospitalized with both RSV and collapsed lungs. 5/14

Lisa - suffered a stroke. 5/14

Ken - suffered a mild stroke on Thursday. 5/14

Barry - finishing up college assignments. 5/7

John - declining health. 5/7

Barbara - in Florida for May; her son Gary is on hospice.5/7

Rose - wait and see phase after recent doctor's appointment. 5/7

Judy - Carson as he deals with losses in his life. 4/30

Marion - brother-in-law passed away. 4/30

Rose - another consultation with a doctor this week. 4/30

Rose - surgical consult this week. 4/23

Ashley - considering job change. 4/23

Michael - SkillsUSA state tournament on Thursday. 4/23

Michael - Best Buddies event on Sunday. 4/23


Updates and Praises

Cynthie - 13th anniversary on Monday. 5/21

Peter - Sarah graduated from BSU on Saturday. 5/14

Mother's Day 5/14

Peter - for two soon-to-be college graduates. 5/7

Rod - for the beauty of God's creation. 5/7

Denise - for all the homework William has to do. 4/30

Denise - the growth in Mikey from SkillsUSA. 4/30

Becky - there is freedom in Christ. 4/30

Tabitha - for the middle school play. 4/23

Tabitha - cousin undergoing treatment - status quo. 4/23

Tabitha - 8th grade trip to DC. 4/23

Anita - sister does not need to move out of her condo. 4/23

Judy - grandson wants birthday gifts to support OCC. 4/23

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

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